Currently there are 3 types of wavecom modems used in Euroscan products:

Name Firmware Network Production
Q2686 1.47 igprs Modem out of production
Q2687RD 2.47 igprs Modem Remainder are sold
SL808xT 4.84 3G Modem Currently in Production (only X3 and MX2)

The firmware of the different types of modems are not compatible with each other. Therefore you should never upload the wrong firmware version on a modem. This would destroy the functionality of the modem causing irreparable damage. For this reason you must carefully verify the correct modem type for each firmware.

Recognizing the correct modem type:

modemfw01By holding down the red button you can access the communication view. In this view, you can switch to the line “iGPRS firmware versionby repeatedly pressing the red button. There you can see the modem firmware, which is currently applied to your device. Through the first digit of the version number, you can infer the type of modem. Devices with firmware 1.xx always belong to the type Q2686, devices with firmware 2.xx always to the type Q2687RD.


the correct firmware version is not recognized, the display will show “iGPRS FIRMWAR VERSION: UNKNOWN. In this case, you still have the possibility of reading the correct modem type directly from the modem. For this you need to open the Euroscan X2 case and remove the modem label carefully.





modemfw03After removing the label, you can read the model type directly from the modemYou can then try to upload the correct firmware for this modem type. If the modem firmware in the display as described above is not displayed and you also unable to do the firmware update and it always fails, the modem is probably faulty.




MX1 has no display for reading the firmware version. The only option you have here is to read the firmware version with the EuroTool Terminal. In addition, the type of modem can also be read same as with the X2 by opening the MX1 box and read it from below the label.











After the correct modem type has been identified, you must also determine whitch platform firmware has been installed on the Euroscan device. It could have platform 6 or platform 7. Depending on the platform, the Euroscan device must be connected with Euro Tool 6 or 7 and then upload the appropiate modem firmware.

Uploading incorrect firmware may destroy your device.

Name Firmware Platform 7 Platform 6
Q2686 1.47 Download Download
Q2687RD 2.47 Download Download