The Firmware table on this page is intended for experienced users of our products who are looking for quick access to the latest firmwares. If you are unsure which firmware can be installed on which device, use the downloads on the product pages.

Uploading incorrect firmware may destroy your device.


Platform 7

Version-Nr. (Release-Date)

Platform 6

Version-Nr. (Release-Date)
X3 v.3.380 (7/18) not available
X2-6 v.3.380 (7/18) v.2.211 (9/15)
X2-4 not available v.1.695 (3/18)
Mx2 v.1382 (7/18) not available
Mx1 v.2382 (7/18) v.1.060 (4/18)
3G Modem SL808xT v.4.84 (2/18) not available
igprs Modem Q2687RD v.2.47 (4/15) v.2.47 (4/15)
igprs Modem Q2686 v.1.47 (6/15) v.1.47 (6/15)